Cloud Computing

MezuSoft Inc. offers a full spectrum of services to support cloud computing initiatives, including strategy and planning, application development, infrastructure services, and security services.

  • Cloud Strategy and Planning. We serve as trusted advisors in areas encompassing portfolio management, transition planning and sequencing, return on investment (ROI) and risk management assessment, cloud policy consulting, cloud governance policies, cloud data strategies, technology forecasting, and other related strategic service areas.
  • Cloud Application Development. We support the development, deployment, and management of applications in the cloud as well as the reengineering of legacy systems, data management, and application and service integration.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Services. We provide infrastructure assessment and analysis, design consultation, and private cloud implementations.
  • Cloud Security Services. We provide a full range of security solutions for the certification and accreditation of cloud solutions, identity management, cloud segmentation, security audits, application and data obfuscation, and security integration.
  • Cloud Economic Analysis. We provide Total Cost of Ownership estimating and economic analysis of alternatives to support the selection of cloud development and implementation strategies.